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29th Street Capital isn’t just driven by the numbers – our mission is to bring in professional, passionate, and empowered team members from our Chicago headquarters to our 15 local corporate offices. In over a decade, 29th Street Capital has grown from a small group of individuals investing in single family residences to an influential team of multifamily professionals managing, investing in, and acquiring over 30,000 units across the United States – including our local access to 21 unique markets via 100-plus multifamily assets

Asset Management
Financial Reporting
Acquisitions Analysis
Property Management


Stan Beraznik

Founder and Managing Principal

Robb Bollhoffer

Managing Principal and Director of Acquisitions



Brian Berry

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions: Mid-Atlantic

Javier Bustillo

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions: Southeast

Casey Davis

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions: California

Dusty Eddy

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions: Southwest

Rob Gersch

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions: Colorado/Utah

Matt McCune

Vice President of Acquisitions: Ohio

Dan Howard

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions: Central Texas

Douglas Burt

Vice President of Acquisitions: Houston/DFW

Christopher Steiner

Vice President of Acquisitions: Florida

Clay Carnes

Acquisitions Associate

Jesse Maas

Vice President: Pacific Northwest

Santiago Nieto

Acquisitions Associate


Asset Management

Milos Kozomora

Vice President of Asset Management

Jon Schneider

Vice President of Asset Management New Development

Marcus Pischedda

Capital Project Manager

Sandro Fornesi

Capital Project Manager

Will Patterson

Associate of Asset Management

Christine Mueller

Associate of Asset Management

Drew Rimel

Associate of Asset Management

Dan Winterrose

Associate of Asset Management

Henry Moore

Asset Manager

Eric Solberg

Asset Management Analyst

Charlie Kuhbander

Asset Management Analyst


Financial Reporting

Patrick Hinsberger

Controller & Senior VP of Corporate Finance

Allie Dresner

Assistant Controller

Daniel “Danny” Serrano

Senior Accountant

Claudia Hoekstra

Senior Accountant


Acquisitions Analysis

John Lauder

Acquisitions Manager

Matt Compton

Senior Acquisitions Analyst

Jordan Hawley

Acquisitions Analyst

Grant Siverhus

Acquisitions Analyst


Property Management

Karen Plesh

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Lindley

Senior Vice President Acquisitions, Due Diligence & Special Projects

Sherri Toohey-Taylor

Chief People Officer

Bobby Orozco

Chief Financial Officer

Devan Cronin

Executive Vice President: Technology

Stacy Douglas

Executive Vice President: Construction Management

Staci Schall

Executive Vice President of Property Management (West)

Kristyn Monticup

Executive Vice President of Property Management (East)

Sharie Rocker Damm

Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communication



John Kitson

Executive Vice President of Development

Rachel Bardis

Senior Vice President of Development: Northern California

Jeff Curran

Senior Vice President of Development: Southwest

Zach Shulruff

Vice President of Investments

Rob Hedrick

Vice President of Development: Planning & Engineering

Carolina Alilat

Development Manager

Jennifer Zhang

Development Manager

Garrett Williams

Development Analyst

Michael Porto

Director of Project Management

Dan Pazda

Controller for 29th Street Development

Rommel Llanes

Senior Vice President of Construction Management

Nikola Krcmarevic

Vice President of Development

Richard Choi

Development Manager

Danielle Montoya

Development Manager



Mark Chrisman

Managing Principal for 29th Street Ventures

Jack Imesch

Ventures Associate

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A Modest Team. One Big Mission.

Our talented team of professionals cultivates the kind of dedication you only hear about in the multifamily industry. At 29th Street Capital, our power is driven by our actions and our passion for our company’s culture. From our property-level interactions to our high-end asset transactions, we’re committed to going above and beyond to bring a solutions-based portfolio of assets, services, and investment opportunities.