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Since 2009, 29th Street Capital has managed, invested, and acquired over $5.1 billion of multifamily assets across the United States with a focus on the residential real estate market and to add value, effectively repositioning communities across the nation.

With every property, 29th Street Capital brings local communities together through our boots-on-the-ground approach, delivering a quality home and a trustworthy team.

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29th Street Capital is a privately held multifamily real estate firm headquartered in Chicago. Through our multi-billion dollar asset portfolio, 29th Street Capital manages, invests, and develops quality multifamily communities. 29th Street Capital has a can-do attitude backed up by more than a decade of experience delivering quality assets and adding exponential value to the real estate market.

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At 29th Street Capital, our projects range in all shapes and sizes. Our reputation is backed by turning around assets and bringing high-end value to the local real estate market. Expanding our unit count across 23 unique markets in the U.S. and increasing profits isn’t just our driving force – it’s our track record. With corporate offices around the country, 29th Street Capital approaches each market with a strong, boots-on-the-ground approach.

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Our Talented Team

29th Street Capital believes that quality employees are rooted from happy people. The individuals who work at 29th Street Capital share the vision and values of our multifamily corporate community, while building up a professional corporate group. From our exponential value-add asset portfolio to superior customer service, the team at 29th Street Capital has grit. 29th Street Capital is empowered by the idea that the best work is driven from diligence, integrity, and intention – and that’s exactly how our team shows up to make an impact on each asset’s overall value.

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